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The Company

Trident Marine, Ltd. (TML) has been in business continuously since 1978. The company originally operated in Savannah, Georgia under the name of Trident Marine Industries, Ltd. It moved to Oak Harbor, Washington in 1991. The Company was formed to provide consulting and owner's representative services to the marine industry. TML has been involved in ship design, model tank and ship testing, sea trials, equipment acquisition, cost estimation, program management, contract negotiations, claims development, proposal preparation, and owner's representation. Trident Marine, Ltd. has expanded its services over the past 32 Years to meet the changing technological and marine industry requirements. The company is Veteran owned.


The Clients

TML has clients in the United States, Mexico, Panama, and Europe, including Russia. We do consulting for ship owners/operators, casino vessel owners/operators, shipyards, and companies doing business with the U.S. Government. The Company has been involved with vessel programs ranging in size from small high performance craft and tugs to ocean surveillance ships and specialized oil platforms/service equipment. TML also has experience with oil pollution response equipment. The fiscal size of the programs have varied from $1.2 to $275 million.



We can furnish assistance in the following areas with Senior Personnel who have over 20 years marine experience in:

Project Types

We Provide The Personnel And Solutions To Meet Your Needs.


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Trident Marine, Ltd.
P.O. Box 2005
Oak Harbor, WA 98277 - 6005

Phone/Fax: 360 - 679 - 4169
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